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MCC Winter Release Details


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It seems like Oregon Winter is unpredictable as ever. One day it’s gloriously sunny, and the next day it’s below freezing. That’s why we’ve presented wines that fit your mood and the temperatures. This release features bold reds, as well as a beautiful white blend and a different representation of Rosé with Grenache. Whether you’re cozy by the fire or dreaming of the Spring, these wines are the perfect complement to all your weather moods.

The wineries featured this month represent two families who are passionate about wine. For the Coelho family that feeling goes back multiple generations, starting with Dave and Deolinda Coelho’s grandparents. Both families shared a desire to make wine that can be enjoyed with family and friends. A tradition that is honored three generations later.

Leigh Brown, owner and winemaker of Lolati wines, also gets her sense of place from her family history. These memories and values are the foundation of her wine philosophy. Lolati, named after her great grandfather’s farm in South Africa, means back and forth. Which playfully defines these lively wines. Brown has long been a risk-taker. Her wine choices represent what’s possible, just like her journey to being a winemaker. 

In Oregon, the Cellar Season inspires an opportunity to share wines that are bold. Coelho’s Petit Sirah, not to be confused with Syrah (which is a different grape varietal altogether), is a perfect wine for the cooler months. Its deep color and full-bodied flavor make it a wonderful wine to pair with a wide range of savory meats and cheeses. 

Alternatively, this is also the time of year Rosés are getting bottled and debuted. It’s imperative we present these Rosés to you now, because the popularity of this wine will leave you thirsty for more, but empty-handed if you don’t stock up soon. Lolati’s Rosé of Grenache is a unique alternative to the Rosé of Pinot Noir that is very common in the Willamette Valley. It’s a wine you will crave any day of any season.

No matter your mood, these wines are sure to delight. They are made and presented to you with love. In the spirit of the Coelhos and Browns, please be sure to share them with family and friends.


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