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Wine Tasting On A Weekday vs Weekend

In this episode, we offer three compelling reasons to plan your next wine tasting trip on a weekday. Now that we live in a world where we value our time and have more work flexibility, you may find it’s your new favorite way to wine taste.

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Hi I’m Kim, owner of NW Wine Shuttle, and I’d like to offer a two minute tasting tip on the value of wine tasting on a weekday vs the weekend.


Last year I established a wonderful program with shuttle staff called Tasting Tuesdays. The idea was to better understand what the Willamette Valley has to offer so we can better serve our clients.


What was most surprising about Tasting Tuesday, was the difference in experience from wine tasting on the weekend, which is all we had really experienced before.


Now that we are starting to experience a post-pandemic world, two things support the idea of wine tasting on the weekends: a work from home lifestyle and the fact that we value our time now more than ever. 


With that said, here are the top 3 reasons for considering a weekday for your next wine tasting trip.


  1. You will likely be one of the only people in the tasting room. This may not be your style and can feel very intimidating to be the only guests in the tasting room. I found it to be just the opposite. Tasting room staff love to take a break from their other winery responsibilities and ensure you are taken care of.  I also find that they are much more relaxed themselves which brings us to the second reason.


  1. When winery staff are not splitting their time between a full schedule of reservations, they can spend as little or as much time with you as you desire.  This typically lends itself to some unique conversations and unexpected learning.  Oftentimes I walk away feeling much more connected to the winery, their story and the people. Which brings me to the third reason


  1. Meeting the top people at the winery. Oftentimes when you wine taste during the week you’ll find yourself being served by the owner or winemaker who are taking care of the slower volume of guests while doing other important things for the winery. 


Other benefits to weekday wine tasting. You are way more likely to find reservations for the day and time you are looking for. This means you can be much more spontaneous. And perhaps feel a little less FOMO (fear of missing out) and consider trying a winery you’ve never been to before.


Once you’ve experienced the pace of wine tasting during the week, you may just get hooked. My tip, go on a Thursday or Friday as those are the most common weekdays that wineries are open. Pick just a couple wineries and enjoy the extra time spent getting to know the winery.


If you you have questions about your next visit to the Willamette Valley contact concierge@nwwineshuttle.com


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