April 21, 2021 / 

3 Reasons To Wine Taste In Smaller Groups

In this podcast, Kim describes three reasons to wine taste in smaller groups including updated winery policies. Is this a trend that will change after the pandemic or one that will stick?


Hi I’m Kim Myers, Owner of NW Wine Shuttle and I’d like to share a two minute tasting tip about group wine tasting with groups of 8 or more.

Somewhere along the way, going to wine country has become a very popular place to celebrate signature events or enjoy gatherings with family and friends.

And rightfully so. These places are beautiful. A wonderful environment and experience to enjoy a celebration.

However, my observations is, Willamette Valley wineries have been reducing capacity for group wine tasting for the last two years. They have their reasons, and they do make sense. But it makes it tricky for groups to wine taste in the same way as a couple walking in to have a tasting. 

Many wineries only allow 1-2 large groups in a single day. And they may only take you as the first tasting, which makes it hard to plan for multiple wine tastings in a single day with a larger group.

Now with Covid, wineries in Yamhill County simply can’t have groups over 8. Many have decided their comfort level is a group of 6.

Still other wineries haven’t placed limits they just treat group tasting as an event and include minimums or additions fees in order to make the reservations.

My advice, determine what wineries you’d like to visit and call them advance… see what there policies are, and make reservations [if you are able to book a reservation take a look at our blog “5 Things You Need To Know About Group Wine Tasting for additional tips] . The same is true if you are considering a wine tour, make your reservations in advance and then source a tour operator. This ends up being is a huge convenience to you because the tour company will likely need you to call the winery anyway to pay any advanced deposits or event fees.

I know it’s not what we expect from wine country, but for the foreseeable future, this is the best model for wineries and we have to respect that.

If you have questions for your next trip to the Willamette Valley we’re here to help, simply email concierge@nwwineshuttle.com.

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