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Alaska Airline Perks For Wine Tasters

Photo Credit: Alaska Air

So you’re planning a trip to Oregon’s wine country and you want to bring some bottles home. But which airline should you fly to make it happen?

Here’s where Alaska Airlines is coming in clutch.

Alaska Airlines has an incredible program called Wine Flies Free, ensuring Alaska Mileage Plan members departing from 29 airports in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California wine regions can check up to a case of wine for free. That’s 12 — yes, a full dozen — bottles for you to enjoy at home.

We have several wineries on our route that are offering free tastings if you show your boarding pass. There’s also a list of Wine Flies Free participating wineries just in case you’re wondering which wineries you should check out if you want to fly home with some wine.

If you’re not a Mileage Plan Member, joining is easy and free. Once you join, getting your wine home is as easy as following these steps:

Alaska Airline Perks For Wine Tasters - Wine Flies Here

1. Purchase your bottles.

NW Wine Shuttle makes tasting wine from several of Oregon’s wineries easy. After you find the wine you’ve enjoyed enough to bring home, make your purchases.

Wine Bottles
Photo Credit: Alaska Airline

Don’t forget to leave the box unsealed for when you arrive at the airport. An Alaska Air customer service agent will seal it for you.

2. Pack your bottles, but don’t seal the box.

Inform the winery that you plan to check your wine at the airport. They’ll assist you in packing it to ensure it’s safe for travel. Some wineries offer a foam-lined box or some other protective packaging. Just make sure your box isn’t sealed so it can be inspected by the airline.

Alaska Airline Perks For Wine Tasters - Mileage Plan Number
Photo Credit: Alaska Airline

Make sure your flight reservation includes your Alaska Mileage Plan number. If it doesn’t, reach out to Alaska Airlines for assistance.

3. Check your flight reservation for your Mileage Plan number.

Your flight reservation should include your Alaska Mileage Plan number. Make sure to check this prior to going to the airport. Checking this is easy with the Alaska Airlines app, or you can always visit and choose “Manage trip.”

Alaska Airline Perks For Wine Tasters - Drop Your Case
Photo Credit: Alaska Airline

Alaska Air’s customer service agents are always ready to receive and handle your case of wine.

4. Drop off your case at the ticket counter.

Upon arriving at the airport, let an Alaska Air customer service agent know about your case of wine. They’ll inspect the case, seal it for you, and add a FRAGILE sticker to the box. Once they’re finished, they’ll take the case away to have it stored under the plane.

Pro tip: The TSA security line will not allow you to bring a case of wine as a carry-on, so if you’re thinking about pouring a glass of your recent purchase, think again!

Alaska Airline Perks For Wine Tasters - Onboard

5. Board your flight and watch the clouds roll by as you sip in-flight wine.

The stress is over, and it’s time to go to your next destination. Whether you’re going home or heading to another wine region, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight knowing your case of wine is safely stored below the plane.

Wine Glasses

6. After exiting the aircraft, pick up your case.

Once you land, pick up your case and exit the airport as the envy of everyone else. Go home and enjoy a bottle of the wine you purchased on your NW Wine Shuttle experience.

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