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Bold Red Wines Improving Your Winter Existence

The cold is dreary, but lifting your spirits with your favorite bold red wines is what the winter is all about. You might enjoy drinking cabernet sauvignon, but the experiences you have when drinking it highlights its appeal.

If you’re like me, you’re looking for a red wine experience to enjoy with the people you love. Read on to find out more about what you can do to make the winter a little less cold and a lot more pleasurable.

Some of the wineries featured here are part of our route. We have marked them with our logo – clicking on it will take you to additional information about them, and other great wineries we visit.

Bold Red Wine and Board Games
Bold Red Wine and Board Games

1. A Night In With Board Games & Red Wine

The winter can be harsh, and an escape from the cold is necessary at times. Invite some friends and family over for a fun-filled night with board games and wine. Sip the night away and bond with your loved ones as you drain your favorite bottle of Tertulia Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. Or you can always keep the cold out and let the fun in while drinking some Stoller’s Single Acre Syrah.

Bold Red Wine and Outdoor Fire
Bold Red Wine and Outdoor Fire

2. Bonfire Relaxing With Red Wine

With snow on the ground, a bonfire and wine is the perfect combination to enjoy the frosty weather without freezing. Raising your external heat with the fire and your internal body heat with a few glasses of Day Wines 2015 Hock & Duce always helps!

A roaring bonfire also provides a heating element for cooking, so make sure to have some food on hand to cook and eat with your 2016 Three Wives Tempranillo. Experience the cold weather, cook tasty foods, and uncork a couple of bottles between friends for an excellent night.

Bold Red Wine at Stoller Family Estate with NW Wine Shuttle
Bold Red Wine at Stoller Family Estate with NW Wine Shuttle

3. A Red Wine Tasting Tour

Many wine connoisseurs are looking to try multiple wines at several wineries, so we created a wine tasting tour providing wine-infused fun. While our shuttle doesn’t run during the winter months, we suggest visiting Tertulia Cellars, Remy Wines, and Day Wines on those cold winter days. Drive yourself, hire a driver for the day or wait for Oregon Wine Month (May) when NW Wine Shuttle announces their Bold Red Wine Trail and enjoy bold red wines spread across several winery experiences.

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