September 7, 2020 / 

Break Out The Bold Red Wine

Break out the bold red wine and get ready for this Winter season with those big flavors. Whether you’re planning to improve your existence this winter with red wine you know or want to explore the bold red offerings of multiple wineries, NW Wine Shuttle is ready to help.

It’s no wonder November marks International Merlot Day and International Tempranillo Day. I love exploring all the bold reds during this time of year. Of course, these wines are great all year. But for some reason, a full-bodied red in the Winter satisfies the taste buds perfectly.

If you’re anything like me, the most important aspect of the Winter season is pairing bold reds with the people you love. Keep reading to learn more about red wine in the Willamette Valley and how to get it without standing in line at Costco.

Stock Piling Red Wine For The Winter

Everyone enjoys red wine, but it’s an absolute pain buying it by the bottle. So why not purchase a case to sip away at all winter long?

Making weekly purchases at grocery stores can get pricey. If you’re drinking at least a bottle of good wine each week, a wine club can help you get a discount. However, you might not get as much variety as you’d like. We recommend drinking some now and storing (cellaring) the wine until it’s aged to perfection.

Some people purchase wine directly from a winery. This has the potential to save you as much as 30% on your bottles. But if you’re looking to build a genuinely magnificent stock of red wine to celebrate the holiday season, keep reading to learn about an experience that’ll have you grinning into 2020.

Finding An Assortment Of Red Wine With NW Wine Shuttle

From May to November, we operate our hop-on-hop-off wine shuttles, encouraging visits to three tasting rooms, wineries or vineyards. This is the magic sweet spot that allows you to see everything each one has to offer. But for those shopping red wine for winter, our private tours are the go-to option from December to April.

Tasting the flavors of more than three wineries in a day is overwhelming for the pallet. Sticking to three wineries keeps your pallet fresh, ensuring you won’t regret your bottle choices the day after.

Since Oregon wine isn’t distributed throughout the state, you could find a red wine you wouldn’t otherwise find by visiting the tasting rooms. Booking a private tour with NW Wine Shuttle will give you the opportunity to visit multiple wineries in a day with ease. And if you find you’d like to spend more time at a winery, you have the option to do so.

Going on a private wine tour with NW Wine Shuttle means you’ll have a private van and driver with a single pickup and drop-off location. You’ll have help with winery selection and reservations and complimentary water to accompany you on your tour. Tasting fees aren’t included, and the Winter rates are $65 per hour with a five-hour minimum.

With private tours, we recommend 3 tasting rooms, and we’ll help book private recommendations for lunch and make the arrangements. For the bold reds you crave, we recommend visiting Remy Wines, Tertulia Cellars, Natalie’s and Owen Row. Each of these tasting rooms has something unique to offer, and each brings its own red wines to the table.

To plan your wine experience with NW Wine Shuttle, check the tours we offer here. We also offer custom pickups and drop offs, bringing together an entire experience as you pair shopping for your red wine with tastings and memories to last a lifetime.

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