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Focusing On Chardonnay In Oregon

Whether you’re visiting Oregon or a resident enjoying the local harvest, the Chardonnay wine Oregon has to offer is remarkable. This is a favored white wine throughout the U.S. that draws wine lovers in with its tantalizing flavors. So it’s not difficult to imagine why Chardonnay is the adult beverage of choice for so many.

Oregon wasn’t always known for Chardonnay wine. In fact, neither was California. Historically speaking, this variety of grape is from France’s Burgundy region. But let’s take a look at the popularity of this fantastic white in Oregon and how it has evolved since these grapes migrated to the United States.

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Oregon’s Chardonnay wine differs from California’s, bringing on a flavor native to the state and near to wine lovers’ hearts. With the warm weather in California comes a riper grape. These grapes don’t have the bright acidity Chardonnay demands, resulting in the need for Californian winemakers to become innovative with a second fermentation. While the market in California has developed a taste for these Chardonnays, it’s a different flavor. The wines are fat and buttery with a hint of spicy oak thrown into the mix. While these white wines are popular, they’re different than the Oregon Chardonnay we encourage you to indulge in.

Compared to California, Oregon Chardonnay like Evening Land’s Chardonnay, brings a rich and open-knit taste to your glass. The flavors are reminiscent of the lava flow and iron-rich rocks and pebbles of the region, creating flavor profiles worth indulging in regardless of whether you’re just visiting or a local unwinding on a weeknight.

Although Oregon Chardonnay wines are made with the same kind of grapes, it’s quite different than the California Chardonnay, tasting more comparable to a white Burgundy. These wines have an energetic, aromatic, and fresh flavor to them, giving a good reason as to why so many people fall in love with Brick House Chardonnay and other top Oregon Chardonnay wines. With one glass of these fantastic whites, the difference is clear. Whether or not someone prefers it to California’s product is a matter of choice.

Great Chardonnay To Experience In Oregon

For those looking to experience the Chardonnay Oregon has to offer, these are just some of the must-try varieties you’ll find throughout the state:

Adelsheim – 2015 Willamette Valley Chardonnay  

This is a phenomenally well-balanced white with savory flavor wine lovers adore. Anyone loving the florally citrus flavoring of a quality white will love this Oregon Chardonnay.

Domaine Serene – 2016 Clos du Soleil Vineyard Chardonnay

Each sip of this brings another layer of flavor to the palate, with honeydew, Asian pear, and citrus with a mineral-driven finish.

Evening Land – 2015 La Source Chardonnay

This is a Chardonnay sporting herb, nut, and citrus flavors throughout it.

Gran Moraine – 2015 Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay

A slight acidic tone with floral and lemony hints that’ll complement any meal.

Stoller Family Estate – 2017 Dundee Hills Chardonnay

Anyone loving pear, elderflower, Meyer lemon, and ripe tropical fruit flavoring infusing a crisp white, will love this Oregon Chardonnay.

How You Should Experience Oregon Chardonnay

The Oregon Chardonnay Celebration is happening this month on Saturday, February 23, 2019, at The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg, Oregon. This event includes a seminar showcasing the evolution of Chardonnay and a fabulous grand tasting to guide your taste buds through Oregon Chardonnay. There will be more than 50 Oregon Chardonnays at this event, so make sure to check it out and enjoy some of the more flavorful whites this state has to offer!

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