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Fall 2022 Membership & Release Details


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I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting Leigh Brown of Lolati Wines and Chris Mazepink of White Walnut Estate. These winemakers have spent many years working for well-known wineries in the Willamette Valley and have now stepped away to express themselves through their own wines. 

Wine is all about sharing a moment, and as we near the holiday season, my hope is that you will be excited to pop open these special wines and share them with your family and friends.

These winemakers have the work ethic I aspire to have as a business owner. They have a lot of passion and pride for all aspects of wine making. They love to learn, grow and try new things.

This release exemplifies the expression of people and place from the very different perspectives of Brown and Mazepink. They are incredible people with a strong sense of place, and whether intended or not, their wines embody them as people. 

The concept of place can mean different things to different people. For Brown, founder and winemaker of Lolati Wines, her sense of place comes from her family heritage. These memories and values are the foundation of her wine philosophy. Lolati, named after her great grandfather’s farm in South Africa, means back and forth. Which playfully defines these lively wines. Brown has long been a risk-taker. Her wine choices represent what’s possible, just like her journey to being a winemaker. 

Mazepink, on the other hand, connects his sense of place to his Dundee Hills vineyard and his passion toward making wines that represent the energies present in the vineyard. Chris and his sons cleared and planted the land, ensuring the characteristics of the place remain intact. You’ll admire the tribute to the original oak trees that frame the beauty of the vineyard. The wines of White Walnut Estate are hence a unique fingerprint of place, and Mazepink’s’ wine growing and wine making decisions are made solely around the path of least resistance in letting this story be told through the bottle.


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  • Winery benefits for Fall 2022 Release
    • Complimentary tasting for two at Lolati and White Walnut Estate (expires one year from release date)
  • Pick Up / Delivery Perks 
    • Schedule a tasting at one of the featured wineries, we will have your wine waiting for you at the tasting room to pick up during your tasting. (expires Dec 28)
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  • 2 Wine Shuttle passes or $150 off a Private Tour (per year)
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