October 26, 2018 / 

How To Buy Wine For 30% Less

Do you find yourself drinking at least 1 bottle of good wine a week.  If the answer is yes, you should consider joining a wine club and getting the wine you love at a better price.

If you’re like me, I love buying local wine. It’s tempting to buy my go-to wine each week from the local grocery store. However, buying direct from the winery could save you up to 30%. That’s not all, when you join wine clubs not only are you saving money on the wine, but you will benefit from the variety of additional perks now offered through wine club memberships.

For example if you join two wine clubs at the case level, you can achieve your bottle a week goal and save over $200.


  • Buying wine by the case requires up-front cash. Two cases will cost around $1000 twice a year depending on the average price of the wine.
  • Determine an appropriate place to store the wine. Now that you have cases, you’ll need to find an appropriate, temperature controlled place to store it all.
  • The flavor profile of many wines evolves and can taste even better when it has a chance to age appropriately. With your new-found wine storage, consider letting your wine age 1-5 years.

How To Buy Wine For 30% Less

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