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How To Level Up Your Wine Tasting Experience

Are you the type of person that likes to level up your experiences every once in a while. I encourage you to consider it the next time you visit wine country. Many wineries in the Willamette Valley wine country are finding new and exciting ways to experience their wine. This podcast gives three great ways to consider leveling up next time you are planning a trip wine tasting.

Full Transcript:

Hi there, I’m Kim with NW Wine Shuttle, and I’d like to offer a two minute tasting tip on how to level up your wine tasting experience.

In the last five years, it’s amazing how far wineries have come with their focus on experiences. Wine country has quickly become one of my favorite places to do something new. 

Many of us think of wine tasting as the same ol thing. Have a flight of wine, sit in a beautiful setting and move to the next.

This is no longer the case. If you are willing to do a little research and follow your favorite wineries there is always something unique going on. I really do mean follow wineries directly and don’t rely solely on public calendars. The real good stuff is harder to find.

Some of my favorite ways to easily level up your day of wine tasting is to include one of the following to your itinerary.

  • Book a cabana or a pod. Seems simple, but sitting in a pod changes the entire vibe of the wine tasting. It feels so much more cool and exclusive. Plus, it makes for some great photos, a couple places that feature pods are Willamette Valley Vineyards and Dobbes Family Estate. A cabana is another awesome way to get out of the tasting room or off the patio and enjoy wine with a different view. Durant has their cabanas places smack dab in the middle of the vineyard.  You have to travel by ATV to get to them. If you need anything you use a traditional walkie talkie to make your request. So fun! Adelsheim is also another great place for a cabana experience. 

  • Do a vineyard tour. I’m not talking your average vineyard tour, but one that includes an ATV or tractor or tractor like Durant Vineyards. They are usually hosted by a winery VIP and make you feel a bit more connected to the wine you are tasting. Plus, you can usually be followed by a vineyard dog. Which who doesn’t love that.

  • The last recommendation, but definitely not the least, is to book a private tasting experience. There are a few that provide unprecedented ambiance making it feel as special as a dinner out and not your typical wine tasting. There are a few wineries that only allow one group at a time such as Anticia Tera or Abbott Claim.

  • Leveling up can also come in the form of a curated tour experience where you have access to people and places not commonly open to the public.

If you are a regular to wine country but find yourself visiting the same wineries and enjoying a similar wine flight experience each time. Considering leveling up. The same goes for a new visitor to wine country who wants to add something unique to their visit. These experiences do not disappoint..

If you are planning a trip to wine country and want some help leveling up contact concierge@nwwineshttle.com.

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