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First Wine Club To Include Transportation As A Perk

NW Wine Shuttle Debuts Wine Club that Aligns With it’s Popular Wine Shuttle Service.

CARLTON, ORToday NW Wine Shuttle, the region’s most innovative wine tour company, announced the first Wine Club to include wine country transportation as one of its perks. NW Wine Shuttle’s mission is to make Oregon Wine Country accessible. Their latest venture brings the taste of Oregon wine country right to consumers’ doorstep, while offering benefits like wine country transportation and complimentary wine tasting to entice them to visit the featured wineries in person. 

After conducting a survey in early 2020, NW Wine Shuttle discovered that people want variety when it comes to wine and wine clubs. This can often make it hard to commit to a single winery’s wine club. The survey also concluded that people find it hard to visit the Willamette Valley because they don’t want to drive. Specifically, drink and drive. This new wine club aims to solve these problems, while offering perks traditional wine club members value the most, complimentary wine tastings and the ability to customize allocations.


Membership Levels

NW Wine Club makes it feel like you belong to multiple wineries at once. Each quarter, members will receive a selection of 4-6 bottles from 2 featured wineries. This means, with an annual membership you can enjoy wine and member benefits from 8 different wineries. There are two membership levels, Explorer – which features 2 bottles from each winery; and Collector which features 3 bottles from each winery. Wine club perks vary slightly between the two membership levels.

Membership Perks

Shipment Customization

A week prior two each shipment members are encouraged to customize their shipment based on the club release selections and other wine featured in the member marketplace. There, members are able to choose the exact bottles that excite them, while keeping in mind their membership level and bottle requirements. Choose all whites, all reds, a combo, or stick with the club curation. Member selections do not impact club perks.

Wine Shuttle Transportation

Perhaps the most unique and exciting perk featured in this club is wine country transportation. NW Wine Shuttle has seamlessly paired the club with it’s flagship Wine Shuttle service. This means the wineries featured in the club are also featured on its Wine Shuttle route for that year. Now, members can use their two complimentary passes each year, to hop-on the Wine Shuttle and visit the wineries they’ve come to know at home, without having to worry about transportation. For Collector level memberships they can also convert passes into a 5hr private tour for an additional $150 (a nearly 70% discount).

Complimentary Tastings

All featured wineries extend two complimentary tastings to our members for that calendar year (for example if membership begins in May 2021, benefits can be redeemed until Dec 31, 2021). This allows members to experience the full flight of wine being featured at the winery, as well as connect with the winery narrative and place.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Select membership level 
  2. Enjoy curated wine selections or make adjustments online
  3. Receive wine every quarter (November, February, May, August)
  4. Visit wineries and maximize perks (discounts, complimentary tastings, Wine Shuttle passes)


If you would like to know more about NW Wine Club visit

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