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Pairing Spring Wines With Activities

Spring wines offer the perfect taste to almost any activity, but we think some activities pair better with some wines than others. 😊 With the weather warming up and the flowers blossoming, it’s time to enjoy all that this season has to offer. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best activities to pair with your favorite bottles of Spring wine.

Picnic At The Park With Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a lighter, costly red wine. Loved by wine enthusiasts, and low in tannin. The flavor comes from the stems, providing those indulging in it a pleasurable drying and astringent sensation that characterizes high-end wines. With this ritzy wine, you’ll find this Spring season nothing short of relaxing as you experience the first blossoms making their appearance.

Picnic At The Park With Pinot Noir
Picnic with Pinot Noir

Sit back and enjoy a picnic at the park accompanied by a bottle of Pinot Noir. Bring the kids out for a day of outdoor enjoyment with a frisbee, packed lunch, and plenty of snacks. Or perhaps you’d rather hang out with your significant other in a more romantic setting, viewing the clouds as they roll on by.

Let your worries drift away by hopping-on NW Wine Shuttle and reliving your childhood. You can choose to picnic on a quilt at Remy Wines, soar high into the sky on Stoller’s tire swing, or enjoy the fields of wildflowers at Winter’s Hill. Regardless of how you enjoy this outdoor setting, visiting the park or even the beach are Springtime activities that are always excellent when you pair it with wine.

Experience Nature With Chardonnay or Rosé

Chardonnay lovers always seem to have a bottle of this Spring wine on-hand and ready to go. These wines are rich and full-bodied, bringing buttery, citrusy flavors into the mix, making it perfect for those warm Spring days. When you’re enjoying the outdoors during Spring, this is a must-have wine any wine lover will take pleasure in sipping.

Experience Nature With Chardonnay or Rosé
Photo Credit: Sarah Richin//@sipswithsare

Outdoor experiences are next-level just at the start of Spring. For those of you living near natural beauty, like us lucky enough to live in Oregon, taking it all in is always nice with a refreshing can of Underwood Rosé Wine. With high-quality canned wine becoming increasingly popular and being produced by some well-known Oregon wineries, it’s the easiest way to sip your wine outdoors.

Try taking a hike on an easier trail to unwind and find the relaxation you’ve been yearning for all winter long. Whether you’re looking for more of a challenging hike to reward yourself with a can of your favorite Chard at the end or would prefer to sip on a glass as you wander nature, this is one of the Spring wines pairing perfectly with a hike.

Gardening With Rosé

The tantalizing flavors of Rosé wine bring out the best of Spring without hesitation. With flowery, citrusy notes offering crisp acidity, it’s easy to see why this wine is so enjoyable. Rosé is best served chilled, so you’ll definitely want to keep your wine cold as you’re experiencing the Spring season outdoors.

Gardening with Rosé
Gardening with Rosé

Rosé pairs well with a mid-afternoon out in the garden. Whether you decide to plant something in your own garden or explore the budding foliage elsewhere, this refreshing wine will add a hint of sweetness to your day. This is a spring wine you’ll want to pair with the fresh scents of the flowers and other nearby plants. So if you’re planning a day of light gardening, don’t hesitate to pop a cork and enjoy some wine!

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