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The ‘Real’ Value of Wine Clubs

If you’re thinking, wine clubs aren’t that complicated, what’s more to learn. This podcast points out some not so common things to consider when joining a wine club. And these important things, may also point out the ‘real’ value of a wine club membership you already have.


Hi there! Today I’m gonna divert a little from the traditional two minute tasting tip topics to do a Q&A on wine clubs. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Q&A. These are the questions that come up frequently in my conversations and over email. They aren’t complex questions. You can probably relate to many of them. And hopefully today I can give you some clear and actionable answers to help you on your wine club journey whatever it may be.

I’m here for you. Let’s talk wine club’s and get those questions answered.

Why should you join a wine club?

I would say the number one reason you should join a wine club is to receive discounts on wine that you love. It’s that simple, if you find a wine or winery you love, and you think you’ll keep buying the wine. It’s a no-brainer, join the wine club. Why would you pay full price for a wine you love when you can get 10-20% off every time you buy it.

Even though that answer is pretty simple, there is something that I’d like you to consider… and it involves math. So listen carefully because how you answer this question will determine the club’s value. How will you get that wine? While the discount is great, convenience does matter and can cost you. For example if you can pick up the wine, it’s no cost but your time and you may be able to tack on a complimentary wine tasting. If you feel like the location is inconvenient consider having your wine shipped. If you are joining a club at the lowest level, some clubs offer a three bottle option, and having your wine shipped. This doesn’t make much sense. The money you saved in the discount is now being spent on shipping.

Let’s recap. Wine clubs are great for discounts, but make sure you consider how you are getting the wine. If shipping is the best option, opt for a greater number of bottles 6-12. That way you are truly getting value out of the discount.

What am I going to do with all of this wine?

Drink it! Hello! But really, take a look at how you consume wine already. If you consume even a bottle a week that’s 52 bottles a year. If you join a 6 bottle wine club that ships 3 times per year, that’s only 18 bottles a year, less than half of what you drink on average. Also, depending on the type of wine you like to drink, for example if you are a fan of red wines, typically you can let them age. So of those 18 bottles you may want to age half, leaving you with 9 drinkable bottles. Are you with me.

So the numbers are decreasing right before our eyes. 9 bottles isn’t enough… looks like its time to consider joining a second wine club. But seriously, I know you don’t have time to do the math at the moment, but I assure you, there is good value in joining a wine club if you even drink wine once a month.

I didn’t even get into the fact that now you have wine on hand when guests come over, or when you are visiting someone and would like to bring a bottle. Having too much wine is almost never a problem.

There are so many clubs, how do I know what one to choose?

This is a tricky one. Even I get overwhelmed. Think about your objectives. Do you want to stock up on wine, do you want to visit a particular winery more frequently, do you want to try new wine?

Depending on your answer, this will help you to understand what direction you should go in.

Remember to my knowledge most wine clubs ask for a year commitment. They need to earn your continued business. So if you find one that sounds appealing, take the plunge. It’s not a forever deal.

We survey our customers and the majority of them wanted variety. If you are in the same boat, consider a wine club that offers variety. This often comes from third party wine clubs like NW Wine Club [1) episode about NW Wine Club 2) blog about how it works].

I would also make sure that customization is an option. This is important if you know there are wine varietals that you don’t like. For example if you are not a fan of Chardonnay, no judging I promise, then you may want to swap bottles of chardonnay for a different varietal being offered.

If you have more questions about joining a wine club, leave a comment. I’m happy to chime in and point you in the right direction.

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