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Relax While You Wine Taste

So maybe it’s your first time in Oregon’s wine country. Or perhaps you’re a local looking for a day of relaxation. Whatever your story, this region has quite a bit to offer for winos, and the pressure to see and experience as much as possible can be — stressful.

In our experience, visiting three wineries is generally the sweet spot for a day out on the vineyards for the following reasons:

Better for your pallet

Wine Tasting at Le Cadeau
Photo By: Amanda Bywaters, Wine Tasting at Le Cadeau

While trying wine is always a good time, the more you taste, the more the flavors begin to blur together. Thus, reflecting on your favorites after a day of tasting is somewhat tricky.

With this being the case, it’s better to explore a few wineries. Even though you’ll taste fewer wines, you’ll experience each wine more in-depth. You’ll remember precisely what makes each wine unique, tantalizing your taste buds throughout the day with wines you’ll recall with ease.

Buy more wine

Guests of Stoller Family Estate
Guests of Stoller Family Estate

Oregon wine isn’t broadly distributed. This means you might only find the wine you’re tasting in the tasting room. By visiting fewer tasting rooms, you’ll spend less on tasting fees, giving you more funds to purchase the wine you like.

The only thing better than experiencing wine at the winery or in the vineyard is reliving the experience in the comfort of your own home.

Explore each winery

Wine Caves at Archery Summit
Wine Caves at Archery Summit

Visiting fewer wineries means you’ll have more time to explore each winery you visit. In turn, you won’t miss out on the various experiences each winery has to offer.

For example, the wine trails NW Wine Shuttle is offering hosts a variety of experiences. These include vineyard hiking trails, exploration in wine tasting caves, and taking in the breathtaking views from Adirondack chairs.

Long story short, if you’re planning to take the time to visit the Willamette Valley, experience it. Spend some time hanging out and wandering in the vineyard as opposed to restricting yourself to the tasting room.

Enjoy a glass and relax

Relaxing in Adirondack Chairs at Durant Vineyards
Relaxing in Adirondack Chairs at Durant Vineyards

You’re on vacation — it’s time to enjoy a glass and relax. Having a tight schedule to squeeze as many wineries into your day as possible will add stress to your experience. Avoid the overwhelming feeling of missing out, and drink in the experience that comes with each winery you visit.

As you visit each winery, feel free to stay awhile. If you’re enjoying a particular wine, remain at the winery. Perhaps you’d like to take a break from the winery travel to have a conversation with your spouse. Grabbing a glass and relaxing is a choice you’re free to make as you taste at your own pace with NW Wine Shuttle.

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