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Rosé Wine Or Roses For Valentine’s Day?

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, it’s likely you’re hoping to celebrate with either a tantalizing bottle of rosé wine or a bouquet of roses. Or perhaps you’re even considering going all-in and ordering both.

Whichever is the case, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of each of these loving expressions to help you make the best choice possible. Read on to find out more about the benefits of each of these Valentine’s Day traditions.

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Rosé Wine Or Roses To Accompany A Meal?

Rosé pairs well with everything. So it’s likely that any meal you manage to put together is going to taste even better when complementing it with a bottle of 2015 Legacy LaRue’s Brut Rosé! The sweet flavor combined in a bubbly symphony of appeal will enhance your meal, your night, and your state of mind.

But how does this compare to a bouquet of roses?

Well, roses will add to the aesthetic. Dinner looks nice with roses looming over the dish. But as far we’re concerned, adding to the flavor and fun of any night is made easier with a bottle of Domaine Serene Multi-Vintage ‘r’ Rosé every time!

Roses And Rosé Wine Fragrance Offerings

Rosé Wine Or Roses For Valentine's Day

While roses bring forth a light, sweet scent, the fragrance of rosé wine is intoxicatingly delightful. With sweet accents paired with notes of fermented perfection, it’s easy to envision the pure satisfaction of this fragrance filling the room.

Even though roses smell fantastic and are a nice gesture, there’s just something about popping open a bottle of [rosé wine brand]. The scent hints at the flavor profile of the bottle, bringing a background fragrance contributing to an environment conducive to celebrating the holiday with gusto!

Roses Express Love — Rosé Wine Inspires It.

Rosé Wine Or Roses For Valentine's Day

While the traditional expression of love is to give a loved one roses, shouldn’t rosé wine be the truer expression? Sure, you can get your loved one a bouquet of roses, but what about a bouquet of rosé? In our opinion, a bouquet of [rosé wine brand] sounds like the right choice.

Even though many might believe rosé is the perfect summer adult beverage, it goes incredibly well with Valentine’s Day festivities. There’s just something about this sweet and bubbly pink wine that goes hand-in-hand with love. Whether it’s the giggles the wine encourages or the love it guides, rosé wine pairs well with Valentine’s Day.

Roses Last Long After The Rosé Is Gone

Rosé Wine Or Roses For Valentine's Day

On the plus side, a bouquet of roses will add to the aesthetic of one’s home long after Valentine’s Day is over. The chances of a bottle of 2017 Cellar Series White Pinot Noir making it past this holiday are slim to none. Although the roses will be on display after Valentine’s Day is over, rosé wine is made for living and loving in the moment.

While the choices to get rosé wine or rose flowers are conflicting, there’s always the option to go with both!

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