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Summer 2022 Membership & Release Details


You can access membership level, profile and shipping details on file, as well as purchase history.


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What’s not to love about this time of year? Summer is in full swing, the weather is glorious, if not HOT, just like the wines in this month’s release. August is when I celebrate another trip around the Sun. Just like any Leo would do, I’m gonna make it about me without making it about me 😆by introducing you to wines, winemakers and wineries that I love. So much so, I am a member of both wineries. 

My dream for this wine club is to get you to step outside your comfort zone and try new wines and experiences in the Willamette Valley.  The wineries featured in this release, Resonance Wines and Monksgate, are the reason I love Oregon wine country. While their stories and winemaking styles are distinctly different, they both focus on sustainable farming practices, premium wines, and have wonderful families on the frontlines of their vineyards, winery, and tasting experiences.


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Note: Use the same email as your membership at checkout for member discount to be applied.


All perks can be claimed by emailing

List of perks for Summer 2022:

  • 10% discount on all wine purchases. When you checkout, the system will automatically apply the discount as long as you use the email your membership is associated with.
  • Winery benefits for Summer 2022 Release
    • Complimentary tasting for two at Résonance and Monksgate (expires end of 2022)
  • Pick Up / Delivery Perks 
    • If you schedule a tasting at one of the featured wineries during this quarter (expires Oct 30), we will have your wine waiting for you at the tasting room to pick up during your tasting.
    • Or email to see if you qualify for complimentary delivery (must be present to accept wine)
  • 2 Wine Shuttle passes (per season May – Oct 2022)
    • Claim your wine shuttle passes or exchange them for Wine Tour discount (Collectors Club only) by emailing
  • Customize orders – Every quarter you will receive a release email that will allow you to customize your shipment, and choose whether you will have it shipped or pickup.
  • View purchase history
  • Pickup locations:


Our mission is to make the Willamette Valley accessible. Allow us to plan your next visit. Just want some ideas, great, give us some details and we’ll share some thoughts. Want us to take care of some reservations, wonderful! We can do that too. And if you just need us to plan it all. Awesome, we’d love to bring it all together for you from making accommodation recommendations (we do not book for membership) to wine country transportation and wine tasting itineraries and reservations.

Sit back, relax and email to plan your next wine country visit.


If you refer a friend and they become a member, you receive an additional 10% on your next shipment This is a stacked discount with your 10%. This means for that release you will receive 20% discount on all bottles purchased.

Rinse and repeat! We greatly appreciate it!

  • One week before each shipment, we will send an email with the club release selections for that quarter.
  • Click the customize my order button if you want to select different bottles. You will have to commit to the 4/6 bottle club minimum (the price may change depending on your selections).
  • Review pickup/delivery offers and reply if you would like to pickup. Otherwise your wine will default ship.
  • In every box you will learn about the release inspiration, winery experiences and member perks.
  • Enjoy your wine and email to claim your member perks.


Summer 2022
Customize Aug 1, Shipping Aug 8

Fall 2022
Customize Oct 31, Shipping Nov 7

Winter 2023
Customize Jan 30, Shipping Feb 6

Spring 2023
Customize May 1, Shipping May 8

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