April 21, 2021 / 

To Picnic Or Not To Picnic In Oregon Wine Country

In this episode Kim explains the current policies for bringing picnics to wineries and other options for how to enjoy food while you wine taste.


I found, a few years ago, this was the only way to visit a winery. We brought picnics everywhere we went. I suspect as OLCC laws changed for allowing glass pours at the wineries, they began offering food to meet the the requirements.

This inspired a number of tasting rooms to include some basic nuts, olives, popcorn on their tasting menu. They still allowed a picnics but most wineries required the food to be consumed outside. This has always been a question for wineries, since outside food taste and smells can impact the taste of their wines. However, prior to Covid picnics were still very much welcomed by most wineries.

Now in the times of Covid many wineries have eliminated the offering of outside food. Which is a bummer for those of us who like to pack our own picnics.

On the plus many of them have made more food options available. Most of the time it’s small bites, cheese and charcuterie. Most source from local companies, which is fun to taste test while enjoying a wine flight. Some places the boards may be more exciting than the wine, with beautiful presentions.

My advice.

  • If you want your own picnic do the research and call wineries to ensure their food policies, they are not always clear on the website.

  • Consider purchasing food from the wineries it pairs well with the wine and you get a chance to discover local provisions.

If you’re considering a trip to wine country be sure to consider your food options so you don’t taste at multiple places with an empty belly.

If you have questions or would like more advice about your visit to the Willamette Valley, email concierge@nwwineshuttle.com

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