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Warm Up To Winter Wine Tasting With 5 Cozy Fireplaces

Scared of outdoor wine tasting in Oregon. Don’t be. These five wineries offer warm and cozy fireplaces that will leave you feeling festive for the Fall and Winter season.


Hi there! I just love the Fall. So for today’s tasting tip, I’m going to introduce you to five wineries with cozy fireplaces and delicious wines. After this episode, If this isn’t something you do already, I’m willing to bet you’ll give Fall and Winter wine tasting a try… and if you do that… I can almost guarantee you will make wine tasting a new Fall or Winter tradition.

For years the thought of wine tasting in the Fall and Winter never really crossed my mind. Wineries in the Willamette Valley used to make a big deal Thanksgiving weekend with wine discounts, music, and other festivities…But if you are a beaver or a duck fan, that is a big football weekend. Yes, I’m a duck and that is the priority.

Aside from that, many of us are focused on other traditions that go along with this time of year, you know all things Halloween, then we get catapulted into Thanksgiving and in case you haven’t noticed the holiday season has already started, thank you Target!

I’m here to tell you, Wine tasting in the Fall or Winter needs to become a new tradition. Maybe you have some family that visits each year, or you want to get festive with some special friends. This is the best time of year to go wine tasting and trust me it will put you in a festive mood.

Pre Pandemic, I felt like many wineries really didn’t make an effort in the fall and winter. That’s because it was considered a time to take a break after harvest.  But after going through all things pandemic, wineries have really leveled-up creating some magical experiences in Oregon’s cellar season.

They have added tents with fancy furniture and plants, loungafied their outdoor areas and created some absolutely charming and cozy fireplaces that will give you the perfect excuse to put on your plaid winter coat, and make good use of your warm and trendy pendleton blanket.

But seriously, these five wineries feature cozy fireplaces and wine tasting that will make your fear of wine tasting in the rain and cold a thing of the past.

Let’s get to the list.

Fairsing is perched on the top of Laughlin Loop, and is most famous for it’s amazing wine and panoramic views. I’m here to tell you a visit in the winter is super peaceful. They have a wonderful patio with a warm and inviting outdoor fireplace. But bring a blanket to take the edge off, they are high up there where the weather is a bit more brisk.

Lemelson has another great outdoor fireplace that makes the patio that much more inviting. Plus, they are close to Carlton if you want to have some delicious brick oven pizza from Park and Main. it makes for a great day. And let me tell you park and main has a pretty amazing firepit area. I actually looked up their firepit it was so beautiful. Not in my price range, but always enjoyed when I’m there.

Solena Estate is warm and inviting all year round, but with their tented lounge space and large built-in fireplace, you are set for a cozy outdoor tasting with great service and great wine.

Willamette Valley Vineyards also has a grand fireplace on their estate patio, which is open for bottle service. And if fireplaces aren’t your thing, they also have the wine pods that are super cool looking and offer a unique outdoor experience.

Ponzi Vineyards is the closest of these wineries to Portland and offers fireside seating. Their modern firepits allow for a very social and inviting atmosphere.

There you have it! Five fabulous wineries to get cozy and enjoy some of the Willamette Valley’s best Pinot Noir!

If you’d like us to take you there visit nwwineshuttle.com.

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