August 20, 2021 / 

What Makes NW Wine Club One of A Kind?

What do customers want in a wine club and how has NW Wine Shuttle delivered a wine club that also incorporates wine tasting experiences in an entirely new way. 


In Today’s episode, I’d like to offer a two minute introduction to NW Wine Club.  If you’re not from Oregon, this club may not be relevant to you. But if you want to stick around, this podcast will surely give you some inspiration for what to look for in a wine club.

First, I want to preface – there are so many different types of wine clubs and this one by no means is the best. But it was designed by loyal customers and fans… And that’s got to mean something right. In March, we sent a survey out asking what makes the perfect wine club and then we designed one exactly the way they wanted it.

Have you ever wanted to be a member of a wine club, but found it hard to commit? Why is that? Is it the cost? The commitment? Or the fear of missing out. If you live in Oregon, there are so many fantastic wineries and they all have wine clubs. Overwhelming right. Do you find yourself feeling unsure and unable to commit to a single winery? 

You might be telling yourself, I don’t want shipments of the same wine over and over. As a member of many winery based wine clubs, I’m here to tell you that if you love the wine and the winery, these ideas will not pop into your head, you’ll just know its for you… and besides that nothing is permanent. 

But if you are a lover of variety, which many of our customers are… We’ve got you covered.

  • Variety is the number one thing our customers and fans asked for in a wine club.  Let’s unpack this for a moment. In our Survey, Variety was described in two different forms when it comes to wine clubs. The first is the variety in grape varietals.  Yes, people want to experience different types of wine. Especially since there are 50 grape varietals in Oregon. That is a lot to experience. Your average winery features about 2-4 grape varietals. 
  • The next form of Variety is simply, access to wine from different wineries. The FOMO can be real in Oregon with nearly 700 wineries in the Willamette Valley alone. It’s hard to keep up and it’s hard to commit.  Further, people are creatures of habit. They discover a winery they love and then keep coming back, never joining the club or expanding their horizons.  It’s a catch 22. You either need to branch out or, join a wine club like ours where we deliver both variety in varietals and wineries. 
  • While everyone says variety is the number one thing we desire in wine clubs, it’s simply not true. Why join a club if not for the discounts.  There isn’t much more to say, we offer a 10% discount on all bottles included in our release and available in our marketplace.
  • The last of the most important benefits people desire in wine clubs are experiences. Sure you can join many wine clubs that offer discounted wine, and also ship from different wineries, but how many can bring it full circle from your door-step to the wines place of origin. And come on, we all need a good excuse to get-out of our shells and visit new wineries. 
  • And since we are talking about experiences. How about the fact that this is the first wine club to offer wine country transportation as part of the perks.  Here’s how it works.
    • Join our Explorer or Collector level and receive two passes on the Wine Shuttle.  What’s the Wine Shuttle you ask? It’s our flagship service where we’ve curated a route of wineries and you choose three. We make the reservations and drive you there on the day of your tour. It’s shared transportation, with private tasting experiences. The best part is, the wineries we feature in the wine club are also a part of our route, which means you can make a day of wine tasting and visit all the wineries you’ve come to know from your shipments. What!

When it comes down to it 50% of those who responded to our survey are already members of a wine club. But nearly 80% of them said they would consider joining a new wine club if it was designed for their wants and needs. 

NW Wine Club was designed by these very customers and for these customers. To give them something new, to encourage them to step outside the box, and to incentivize them to come to wine country often.

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