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Why Join A Wine Club

Should I join a wine club? If you’re a wine lover buying most of your wine at Costco, don’t stop –– Costco’s wine is great. However, it’s always a good idea to broaden your horizons and join a wine club.

Discounts, parties, complimentary tastings, and discounted experiences make wine clubs incredibly popular amongst winos. So in this article, we’re going to touch upon what you can expect when you join a wine club and how you can experience the benefits of multiple wine clubs.

Wine Club Benefits

You’re asking yourself, “What’s the best wine club?” Well, the answer depends on what you’re looking for in a club. Some wine clubs offer great deals, while others provide experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

But are wine clubs really a good deal? It all depends on what you want to get out of your membership.

So let’s talk about the benefits.


Wine club discounts usually range from 20 to 30 percent. But while it’s always good to spend less, the discounts really only play a role if you’re consistently ordering wine. With this in mind, if you’re a wino, joining a wine club will help you replenish your supply of the wine you love at a fraction of the price.

You can also factor in the discount of having your wine come to you. The fuel savings alone are enticing enough. But let’s not forget about all that time you’re spending going to the store, finding your wine, and checking out at the cashier.

While you’ll have your wine delivered at times, one tip is to avoid opening it the moment it arrives. We all know how difficult it is to wait, but uncorking a wine bottle on the delivery day could result in tasting the wine before presenting its best self.

Member Pickup Parties

Some wine club memberships include member pickup parties. These are the exclusive events happening at the wineries. You’ll enjoy food, exclusive wine tastings, limited release wines, and more at these special events.

Depending on the club, you’ll usually have an assortment of wine club events to attend. Sometimes they might have a vineyard tour. Other times they could hold an indoor or outdoor movie night. These clubs also have holiday-themed parties as well.

The creativity these clubs offer in their member pickup parties is limitless. And with this being the case, you should expect to have fun and meet other likeminded winos at these pickup parties.

Complimentary Tastings

Love to taste? Then you’re going to enjoy the complimentary tastings most wine clubs offer. At a wine club tasting, you’ll get to experience fresh releases before anyone else.

Featured wine tasting allows you to try the wine before customizing your club shipments. With this insight, you can make better decisions on the wine you’re going to purchase.

Some clubs offer exclusive perks, such as a complimentary wine tasting for every bottle in your club commitment. You can also bring guests –– sometimes up to 5 of them –– making these complimentary tastings great nights out with your friends and family.

Discounted Experiences

While all wine clubs offer wine-related services, some go beyond what’s expected and offer discounted experiences. You might find vacations and airline deals come with your membership, helping you to save more as you sip more.

New drinking experiences are a pleasure, especially for those who love to participate in activities as they indulge in their wine. Expanding upon your passion and rediscovering your love for wine is easy when you’re receiving more deals.

Whether you’re drinking Pinot Noir and looking for a beach setting or prefer the luscious mountains of the Willamette Valley, these experiences will complement the bottle.

At NW Wine Shuttle, we understand what it means to cultivate wine experiences. This is why we’re working with numerous wine clubs to offer their members discounted shuttles to and from their favorite wineries in Oregon’s wine country.

Reaping The Benefits Of Multiple Wine Clubs

Are you interested in getting more for less? Having a friend in another wine club can come in handy. Since most wine clubs allow members to bring guests, it’s possible to maintain a membership with one and attend events of others. You can even experience the same discounts if you have your friend purchase wines with their membership on your behalf.

With many wine clubs permitting up to 5 guests, forging a group of winos ensures you get the best of every club. You’ll all attend the wine clubs together for events, experiencing all that this industry has to offer. Everyone in your group can take advantage of the discounted wine and events, making it a total win-win for everyone involved.

While joining one wine club is fun, it’s always ‘the more, the merrier.’ For those who love camaraderie, great wine, and incredible nights out, going to these events with one another is an absolute treat.

If you’re considering joining a wine club, we suggest reading up on several before making a decision. This research could help you make a choice that meets and exceeds your expectations.


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