Frequently Asked Questions

How does NW Wine Club Work?

NW Wine Club is an annual membership where you receive 4 or 6 bottles of wine, 4 times a year (16 or 24 total bottles annually). As a result of these bottle purchases you will receive perks such as complimentary tastings at the wineries featured for that quarter and complimentary passes on NW Wine Shuttle. Full Perks are listed here.

What are the perks?

The full list of membership perks can be viewed here.

Members can email Kim to claim complimentary tastings or NW Wine Shuttle passes. 


Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included for any membership level. We are currently only shipping to Oregon addresses. Delivery may be available in Yamhill and Washington Counties. Please email to confirm.

What states do you ship to?

Due to state-by-state shipping laws and permits, we are shipping in Oregon only to start.  If you are not based in Oregon and would like to be considered for shipping, please email

Can I customize my shipment or add extra bottles?

This is what makes NW Wine Club unique. We do allow you to customize your shipment! You will receive an email 1-2 weeks prior to when your bottles ship, allowing you to review the release selections for that quarter.  You will be able to modify types of wine from the wines featured that quarter, but will not be able to reduce the quantity of bottles. You will also be able to add more bottles in increments of 2. 

How long does my membership last?

Membership is an annual commitment, after which you can cancel at anytime by emailing

What if I want to cancel?

Membership is an annual commitment, after which you can cancel at anytime by emailing If you would like to cancel prior, you may be asked to pay a fee for early cancellation.

Can I gift a membership?

Yes! You can do this one of two ways.

Gift a one time box. 

Or, if you would like to gift an annual membership please email Kim to coordinate.

What is NW Wine Box?

NW Wine Box is a one time shipment of the wines being featured for that particular quarter. It is a great way to experience Willamette Valley wine without the commitment of a membership. This is also a perfect gift for someone special who lives in Oregon.

*This product only comes with wine, no specified perks included.